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This issue of OnCurating is dedicated to artistic ephemera on the occasion of the exhibition project They Printed It! Invitation cards, press releases, inserts and other forms of artistic (self-)marketing at Kunsthalle Zurich (21 November 2015 – 7 February 2016). Along with the presentation at the Kunsthalle, which will change on a weekly basis, the project also includes seminars for university students in Zurich, a blog, and a public workshop with international participants. The first part of this issue aims to contextualize the broad category of ephemera, including the invitations, press releases, and magazine advertisements mentioned in the title, and ...
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PublisherNorth Drive Press2004
The impetus for creating NDP was to produce a mobile group exhibition. NDP #1: Summerkit was released in the summer of 2004 and was distributed in a brown vinyl sleeve. It contained large double-sided posters featuring reproductions of works from emerging artists. Each side of the posters functioned as self-contained shows; dotted lines around each of the reproductions invited readers to cut out and rearrange the images as they wished. In addition to the posters, a handful of loose art multiples were included. A series of artist-to-artist interviews and a transcript of a panel discussion rounded out this first issue.
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PublisherNorth Drive Press2006
For NDP#3 and NDP#4, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, another artist committed to collaboration and artist-produced publications, joined North Drive Press as co-editor. Sara and Matt expanded North Drive Press to include exhibition and print publishing programs—separate from but complementary to the annual NDP publication. They organized an evening at New York’s performance venue The Kitchen, published a suite of Exquisite Corpse prints, and exhibited at NADA and various other venues.

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