Jesse Greenberg

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PublisherTalk is Cheap2020
Artist, curator and man about town, Jesse started and ran the iconic 247365 gallery that ran in the donut district alongside Primetime and Know More Games, which if you were around was definitely a moment on the New York scene between 2012-2017. We get into the relationship between his obsession with the malleability and seductive qualities of plastic as sculpture, we avoid the polemic political connotations between the material and the global market and network structure 😉 We also think through the comparison between that and the seduction process and the slippery performance of self that goes into curating and ...
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Where 1 October 26 – December 4, 2013 Where is pleased to announce Where 1, the inaugural exhibition and grand opening of this semi-public, high-security shipping container and publishing project in Brooklyn, NY. Where 1 features sculptures by Lea Cetera, Jesse Greenberg, and Alexandra Lerman, with a video trailer by Ted Sefcik. The related publication, also entitled Where 1, contains essays by Brian Arthur and Carlos Castellanos. This book will be released at the opening reception, Friday Oct 25th 7–10 pm and is also available for purchase online. The exhibition will be viewable 24/7 via live-stream feed online for the duration of the show. Where ...

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