Artist, curator and man about town, Jesse started and ran the iconic 247365 gallery that ran in the donut district alongside Primetime and Know More Games, which if you were around was definitely a moment on the New York scene between 2012-2017. We get into the relationship between his obsession with the malleability and seductive qualities of plastic as sculpture, we avoid the polemic political connotations between the material and the global market and network structure 😉 We also think through the comparison between that and the seduction process and the slippery performance of self that goes into curating and selling art. Jesse now works as the director for Hesse Flatow in Chelsea. He also sings some original show tunes adjacent original songs which somehow is the thing that makes it all make sense. Maybe that relates to our conversation around the important space art provides in the unspeakable abstraction of the lived experience. Great ep, Jesse is nothing if not a talker.

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