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It is hard to avoid the feeling these days that the future is behind us. It’s not so much that time has stopped, but rather that the sense of promise and purpose that once drove historical progress has become impossible to sustain. On the one hand, the faith in modernist, nationalist, or universalist utopias continues to retreat, while on the other, a more immediate crisis of faith has accompanied the widespread sense of diminishing economic prospects felt in so many places. Not to mention the ascension of populist and sectarian orders that now mire many of the popular revolutions of ...
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In Poland, the Law and Order Party has fired a curator for promoting Jewish themes. A Catholic Nationalist is chief adviser to American president-elect Donald Trump. Hungary’s right-wing government threatens the Lukács archive with destruction. Modi’s BJP arrests a college student president for insulting “Mother India.” Theresa May replaces paintings in 10 Downing Street with framed pictures of her own quotes… Editorial Editors To Our Enemies Maurizio Lazzarato and Éric Alliez Permanent Collection Amelia Groom A Building on Fifth Avenue Liam Gillick Plastiglomerate Kirsty Robertson Geontologies: The Figures and the Tactics Elizabeth A. Povinelli The Coming ‘17 Franco “Bifo” Berardi Digital Objects and Metadata Schemes Geert Lovink and Yuk Hui A Hyperbolic Proposition Étienne Balibar This Machine Builds Fascists: ...

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