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ARTISTS SPACE Center for Experimental Lectures: Amalle Dublon and Aria Dean February 2, 2020, 6pm Amalle Dublon and Aria Dean present new work for the Center for Experimental Lectures, an artist’s project based in New York that engages with the public lecture as form. Amalle Dublon will play and discuss Mariah Carey’s song “Honey,” relating it to concerns of dependency, growth and decay, and culinary sound. In Aria Dean’s lecture, To the Ringdown, two become one, bound by a third. As a part of a series of lectures co-commissioned by Montez Press Radio, their lectures will be broadcast live from Artists Space and ...
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PublisherK Verlag2012
The Subjective Object engages with the controversial site of the ethnographic museum and the role of the archive. In particular, the 1920’s photographic archive of  from India by the German physical anthropologist and racist theorist Egon von Eickstedt (1892–1965) serves as a case study for an investigation into the role of historical artifacts in light of contemporary political situations. The nine interviews with curators, artists, anthropologists, and social workers provide the core of the book actively discussing the complicated issues around the archive’s function in producing knowledge. An annotated thread of images serves as a critical apparatus addressing the visual ...
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PublisherThe Volume Project2016
The Lesson of Zoology first appeared in the trash heap of contemporary Lisbon. While researching the role of Lisbon’s Geographical Society in one of the first planetary colonizations, we happened upon an antiquarian bookshop with seemingly endless piles of natural history lithographs. Among them, The Lesson stood out as an especially compelling meta-image of just what a lesson is—an ordering of nature, by way of presentation, about who intended to possess the earth.

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