Jason Kahn

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PublisherLateral Addition2015
Voice, drums, recordings here and there. Composed July – August, 2015 I started this piece walking down by the Limmat on a cold, windy day. Whitecaps chopped the water and I was a bit out of breath from fighting the wind and trying to keep warm by moving at a brisk pace. Under the Hardbrücke the deep resonance there swallowed me up. A long rowboat chained to the concrete pilings of the bridge whipped to and fro in the strong current. I headed up the stairs to my studio. Schulhaussingen happens twice a year at my kids’ school. I usually go and I ...
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PublisherLateral Addition2014
Since the Autumn of 2012 we have been attempting to connect a variety of musical and conceptual work in which we feel strongly exists in, points towards, or employs an area that could be described as the liminal. We both feel that this is not something so easily defined, does not have to do with a particular kind of work, nor is a particular thing or perceptual understanding. Yet at the same time we feel that in some music or ideas this area becomes quite important- actually vital to the total experience- even if it is not to be directly ...

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