Kyle Keese

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The New Creative Paradigm FACING THE LAST STAGES OF LATE CAPITALISM, WE PREDICT THE DAWN OF A NEW WAY OF WORKING FOR THE CREATIVE CLASS. The landscape that fostered post- modern cultural creation is in flames. If we are able to evolve, this fire will raze a forest whose dead roots cling to a dead system, and from its ashes will rise a new creative paradigm. If we refuse, we will be left speaking a dead language, to no one, in the dark. The internet has ushered in a new age, a faster digital reality that speaks to more people more loudly. For ...
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Man vs Machine HOW WILL TECHNOLOGY INFLUENCE THE FUTURE OF CREATIVITY? We don’t want to get into the futile debate of whether or not the machine will replace us. If, or when, have no relevance here. Our life with the machine is now. We want to shine a light on the machine, not as something we use but something that uses us; in the same way that an ax cutting wood requires our muscles to work, our hands to bruise. The attention economy stole our ability to see beyond the moment, see the arch narrative behind the click. Whether we feel comfortable envisioning a ...

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