Lara Khaldi

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Who remembers the title of last year’s Venice Biennale? One long year and change later, it seems that nobody’s worst enemy could have made a threat, a promise, or a curse that we may live in times quite as … “interesting” as the ones we find ourselves in now. Arguably, anyone paying even the most distant attention to 2019—or to history and the evolving present in general—could have foreseen what we were heading towards. It’s hard to imagine, though, that someone could have envisioned just how deadly fascinating these times would turn out to be. In any case, here we are. ...
Cover art
Unfold experiments with the digital folder as a space for curatorial and artistic inquiry. Unfold is an online library of folders in motion, progressively generated by invited guest curators. One after the other they will expand, reorganize and reshape the library engendering new research perspectives. Each Unfold issue hosts shifting constellations of artistic content, books, found objects and software, both newly commissioned and already existing. Like all libraries, this is a space of copies, copies of copies, appropriations, heterogeneity and contradictions. Unfold manifests itself as one transmuting folder to be disclosed and navigated. Its previous stages are preserved as ZIP files. These archived ...

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