Michael Rakowitz

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Publisheronestar press2003
When the parasite sets in, small white bubbles rise up. They are warm, transparent and may appear anywhere. Cases have been documented in Boston, Cambridge and New York and the number is increasing. The appearance is not on the skin but on the sidewalks. New York artist Michael Rakowitz is the engineer of paraSITE, a temporary living space for the homeless. We may see homeless citizens every day, but now we see them unexpectedly, living inside what looks like a space age tent. paraSITE uses the warm air that escapes buildings to inflate and to provide night-time shelter. The cities and ...
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PublisherA.R.T. Press2013
Harrell Fletcher and Michael Rakowitz share a lively conversation largely composed of anecdotes and first person narratives that addresses central and shared concerns in both artists’ practice. Discussions about the pedagogy of art, social practice, story-telling, sincerity, community-oriented projects, and documentary strategies are interwoven with analysis of some of the artists’ key works. This item is publicly available as part of the Library Stack Northampton Branch, and through NN Contemporary Art.
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PublisherHatje Cantz2012
This title will be available soon. My dear friend, Quite some time has passed since my last letter, and there are a few urgent matters that I would like to tell you about. One day, when I was writing the place-name “Kassel” on my smartphone, I made a mistake and the word was automatically corrected by the intelligent digital device to “Kabul.” This made me think of the conflicted relationship between the technologies of communication on the one hand, and intentionality and language on the other. In turn, that made me think about conflicts in general (that is, not just war), and then ...
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Strike the Empire Back is part of a larger body of work tracing links between Western science fiction and military-industrial activities in Iraq during and after Saddam Hussein’s regime.

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