Markus Reymann

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Hannah Arendt coined a beautiful concept that describes the current situation we dwell in: worldlessness. If the word “world” is used to name the space of sociopolitical life, then to lose the world would mean to lose all the gains that have been made in the sociopolitical sphere, setting off all the dangers that this loss entails. Therefore, it seems mandatory, in this lack-of-world, to attempt to maintain the bonds between people, to preserve the decades of efforts dedicated to extending the social bond to nature. It is in this lack-of-world that we must try to reinvent the most important ...
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We tried to free ourselves from nature but exploited it to the point of self-destruction. Nature seems to have brought us back, but we actually never left. We just forgot about nature—including our very own. Listen to Chus Martínez, head of the Art Institute in Basel, Markus Reymann, director of TBA21–Academy, and marine scientist Skye Morét.
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A podcast series produced by the Art Institute and TBA21–Academy. It should be viewed as the beginning of a series of humble but meaningful audio and video productions that address these very issues. Now that we are so worried about our own existence, we should also consider the existence of other non-human forms of life. Now that we are so anxious about our future, we may be able to understand the fear held by nature, by the oceans, by all those that have felt threatened by our actions. We really hope you enjoy this series and we are looking forward ...

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