Laura Steenberge

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PublisherLateral Addition2014
Since the Autumn of 2012 we have been attempting to connect a variety of musical and conceptual work in which we feel strongly exists in, points towards, or employs an area that could be described as the liminal. We both feel that this is not something so easily defined, does not have to do with a particular kind of work, nor is a particular thing or perceptual understanding. Yet at the same time we feel that in some music or ideas this area becomes quite important- actually vital to the total experience- even if it is not to be directly ...
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PublisherLateral Addition2019
Words sit on the page differently if they first existed as sound versus writing; they crystallize differently. I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently in relation to scores, feeling a little suspicious of writing things down, and wanting to take a step back to review what happens when sound is transduced into image. I’ve gotten interested in orality studies because the relationship of literacy and orality seems to have a lot in common with the relationship of notated music and aurally-composed music. In the 1930s, Milman Parry upended long-held assumptions about the past by demonstrating that the Homeric epics were ...

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