This second conversation with Alex Shams is entirely dedicated to the context in which it was recorded, Palestine. Through five significant fragments, we attempt to describe a non-exhaustive account of the Apartheid landscape created by the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The first fragment consists in the segregated roads, in particular the viaduct and tunnel of the Israeli settlement of Gilo, nearby the place of this conversation. The second and third fragments are the Palestinian villages of Nabi Samuel and Al Walaja that both became enclaves, surrounded by the apartheid wall built by the State of Israel. The fourth fragment describes the particular situation of Hebron where all the issues of the occupation seems to be condensed into a relatively small urban space. The final fragment can be found outside of the West Bank, in the Negev, where the bedouins have to lead a daily fight to exist.

Alex Shams is an Iranian-American journalist based in the West Bank. He is a co-editor-in-chief of Ajam Media Collective, a blog focused on society and culture in Iran and Central Asia. He also works for Ma’an News, the largest Palestinian news agency.

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