Glass Bead

Glass Bead is a research platform and a journal concerned with transfers of knowledge across art, science and philosophy, as well as with their practical and political dimensions.

It was conceived and is run by Fabien Giraud, Jeremy Lecomte, Vincent Normand, Ida Soulard and Inigo Wilkins. We are artists, art historians and theorists based in Paris and London.

Glass Bead’s project is defined by its two distinct yet interconnected activities: Journal and Research.

Research comprises the organization of private and public Events (workshops, conferences), an Audio Research Program (made of the recording of the talks of the events and of special interviews), and a Research Platform, in which the community of participants to the events is invited to share elements of their current research.

Each issue of the Journal is dedicated to the exploration of the theoretical, political or aesthetic dimensions of a specific “site”, and can be seen as a point of synthesis in the activity of Research.

Series Titles

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