Multispecies Worldbuilding Podcast

Director Elaine Gan
Web Designer Wanda Acosta
Sound Producers Josh Allen, Ben Christino Montoya
Media Researchers Hannah Tardie, Thaddeus Pompidou
Sonic Ethnographer Ernst Karel
Researcher Alexandra Guillen
Video Producer Jeff Sterrenberg

The Multispecies Worldbuilding podcast brings together conversations with scientists, writers, and artists who work with specific organisms (farmed, feral, wild, synthetic) or ecologies (for example, Superfund sites, forests, data networks) that are increasingly affected by climate change. Each episode features one interviewee and combines their voice with field recordings and experimental soundscapes to offer engaging and accessible examples of various kinds of research, teaching, and design practices. The episodes are not about the end of the world. MWL seeks to foreground multispecies histories and interdependencies, and ways in which people here and now are tinkering with new languages, playful devices, and extraordinary forms of critical/creative engagement every day.

Series Titles

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