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PublisherDia Art Foundation2014
For his first web-based project, Cuban artist Wilfredo Prieto invites visitors to take part in a moment of silence via the internet, with no stipulations or expectations aside from the willingness to cede control of one’s computer while the minute is observed. Once launched, the ineluctable sixty seconds begin to pass. Your screen becomes black, and attempts to escape the moment with mouse or keyboard interaction are unheeded. Why would anyone agree to surrender control of the device that is so central to daily life? For many people, computers serve as the key repository of information and the primary conduit of ...
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PublisherDia Art Foundation2016
Franz Erhard Walther should be far more widely known in the US than he is. Since the late 1950’s, he has developed a language around the activation of fabric-based sculptures, using them not in “performances” but in what he calls “demonstrations.” When being demonstrated, his objects are in their “handlungsform,” their active situation, and when functioning as static sculpture they are in their “lagerform,” their storage situation. Here, Walther demonstrates the “reading” of an edition of his Grosses Prozess-Buch (Large Process-Book), made in 1969 in conjunction with his First Work Set, a suite of fifty-eight usable sculptures made between 1963 ...
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PublisherDia Art Foundation2013
Commissioned by Dia, Daniel Lefcourt’s web project, Modeler, focuses on systems of signs and interferences. The starting point is a grid composed of grayscale stock images of industrial objects and spaces, a seemingly infinite dataset suggestive of what Lefcourt deems “The pleasure of sameness and repetition.” Extending from his current body of work, which emphasizes observation and detail, Modeler invites the visitor to investigate the complex nature of virtual perception. Daniel Lefcourt was born in New York, and received his MFA from Columbia University. Over the past ten years, he has had solo exhibitions at Taxter & Spengemann in New York, ...

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