The Source

Author Cory Arcangel

"I'm not an outlying case. Everyone is on their computer all day now, no matter what you make. I dont know whose job it is, but I do think most artists are at least as savvy as I am. They might not have naming conventions, but certainly they take care of their files. Its just a part of life now, right? You have your laptop and it might have some MP3s that you really dont want to lose, so you take care of them. Digital maintenance is just becoming part of life. Its so boring, but its just a part of life. I know artists are thinking about it because I get emails and phone calls from my artist friends asking me about hard drives and stuff like that all the time. They might not be working formally with preservationists and thinking specifically about standards, but everyone is thinking about it. Im working on a project now on a grant from the Creative Capital Foundation to print out all my source code - to make little books of printouts for each project. Its called The Source. Its a long-term archival project. So if everything else gets destroyed and we dont have electricity anymore, there will probably be a couple of these books lying around somewhere."

Series Titles

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