Jack Halberstam

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We are in the middle of a time in which classical notions of flexibility and freedom actually work to alienate our relations to one another. But in fact the ability to shift, to deviate, to morph should constitute the strongest claim that we are much more than what traditional categories tell us we must only be. It is precisely when elaborate techniques of labor extraction become indistinguishable from sensations of pleasure and self-realization that queerness returns to insist on the freedom to move and the freedom to be what one is and what one wants to be—not as a matter ...
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Get off! Get off-line, off Twitter, off Facebook, off Instagram. Get off the internet, off the mailing list, off base, off message, off your head, off work, off drugs, off drink, off smoking. Get off. Off your boss, off your husband, off your coworkers, off your president, off your local representative, off your well-meaning friend, off your Facebook friends, off your Twitter contacts, off your needy relatives, off yourself. Get off. Get off the bus, get off the train, get off the boat, get off the bed, get off the sofa. Turn off the TV, turn off the radio, turn ...
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I’ve been looking for queer typography. Is anyone else out there? Who else is searching? I wonder if this is even a valid question. Looking for queer anything often feels lonely. The word queer resists definition, sometimes aligned with ideas about rejection, refusal, deviating from the expected, away from the normative. It’s certainly a political word, one that’s taken on expansive qualities throughout its history, qualities that aren’t necessarily confined to gender and sexuality… Originally delivered as a talk at the Type Directors Club “Type Drives Communities” Conference, February 2021.

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