Get off! Get off-line, off Twitter, off Facebook, off Instagram. Get off the internet, off the mailing list, off base, off message, off your head, off work, off drugs, off drink, off smoking. Get off. Off your boss, off your husband, off your coworkers, off your president, off your local representative, off your well-meaning friend, off your Facebook friends, off your Twitter contacts, off your needy relatives, off yourself. Get off. Get off the bus, get off the train, get off the boat, get off the bed, get off the sofa. Turn off the TV, turn off the radio, turn off the computer, turn off the lights, turn off the switch, turn off the straight and narrow, it’s a turnoff, you are a turnoff, it’s all a turnoff, what a turnoff, you turn me off, turn everything off, turning on is a turnoff!

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