Devin Kenny

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PublisherThe New Inquiry2018
For his lecture for the Center for Experimental Lectures (at Interstate Projects, 2017) Devin Kenny illustrated how the physical infrastructure of the network, supposedly developed in the 20th century, actually developed much earlier. Drawing from a variety of sources and traditions, Kenny’s alternative genealogy understands routes of the African diaspora and practices developed during and after the Middle Passage as the origin of network technologies. BailBloc, a computer application he also helped conceive, takes the seemingly apolitical and highly dubious culture of cryptocurrency and bends its networking potential towards an abolitionist politics. Developed by The New Inquiry’s “Dark Inquiry” lab, ...
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Devin Kenny and Jason Hirata Hosted by Interstate Projects 66 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237 Sunday June 11th, 2017, 7 pm The Center for Experimental Lectures invites you to Interstate Projects for our first event of 2017, a presentation of two new lecture-performances by Devin Kenny and Jason Hirata. Devin Kenny’s work for the Center for Experimental Lectures extrapolates a critical understanding of network aesthetics and network culture as intrinsic to the Black experience. His lecture focuses on Black/American culture before and after telecommunication technologies in connection with legacies of the African diaspora. Keywords : Henry Box Brown, Juneteenth, quilt codes, graffiti, Black Twitter, analog ...
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Over the course of a year, Shifter hosted a series of public discussions, each concentrated on unraveling a keyword – a term that carries with it both a sense of urgency and agency in our present climate. By inviting artists, writers, activists, philosophers and others to propose terms and lead discussions, we opened up our editorial process to the motivations of others. The yearlong series culminates in Shifter’s 22nd issue Dictionary of the Possible. This dictionary catalogs the keywords taken up for discussion over the course of a year, accompanied by a list of questions provoked during each discussion. Rather ...
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Art has served belief for a very long time. In the wake of a vast historical trove of devotional objects, religious subject matter, pseudo-religious spectatorship, and trompe-l’oeil trickery, a broad swath of recent art based in trust, tenuous faith, or the suspension of disbelief fans out. Near the end of the last century, photo-documents asked viewers to believe that some of conceptual art’s most important gestures actually happened, while in the last twenty to thirty years works of autofiction, parafiction, and straight-up fiction have exploited our own skepticism and naivete by intentionally introducing the unbelievable into the realm of the ...
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When Will shot Joan he did not mean to. He wanted to shoot the apple balanced on her head. The cactus wine may have put the gun in his hand. The spirit may have provided the reckless confidence. And in the spirit of its will he pointed his gun and squeezed the trigger. It may have been at the moment he squeezed the trigger, or perhaps a split second before, that the world had already begun to rip. Space and time had torn the future into an infinite set of possibilities. The set could be divided into two subsets: He ...

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