Following the e-publication Austerity and Utopia, L’Internationale Online presents a second collection of interventions to think through two apparently distant concepts. Artists, thinkers and researchers were invited to reflect on a dissimilar pair of themes as fertile ground for thought and proposition. With this new issue of Degrowth and Progress, we would like to pursue a path of reflection to interrogate the ambivalence of a possible progression of degrowth, and attempt to stage a bastard/hybrid scenario of speculative thought and action. This collection draws upon the complexity of ethical, ecological and political frameworks and reveals other perspectives on the current crisis through critical essays, story-telling, science fiction, biomorphic design, audiovisual traces of artistic practices and allegorical maps. During the editing of this volume, humans have seen severe disruptions in the global narrative of what was understood as ‘reality’ and ‘normality’. We have witnessed the downfall of democratic values, now stripped of diplomatic conduct they have been replaced by fragmented, isolated, and often fanatic dogmatism. At the same time, we have begun to deeply question our role on this planet, realising that we need to do nothing less than save the earth, its biodiversity, its habitable climate, its refined natural balance with humans, other animals and other beings. As Walter Benjamin reflected on the Angelus Novus, we clearly see the ruins of progress behind us.

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