This code is written in the language Perl – a general purpose UNIX scripting language written in 1987 by Larry Wall. It’s a great language, especially for quick no bullshit text hacks. Also, FYI, it’s my favorite language, the first one I learned, and the one I program in most.

.dae is an open standard XML schema for exchanging digital assets aka ”D”igital ”A”sset ”E”xchange. In English: basically it’s a file format that was developed in order to allow different 3d programs to exchange digital information between each other. Otherwise, a 3d object composed in, say, the 3d program Bryce could not be opened in another 3d program like Maya. Editors note: I don’t expect many people to read both the code AND footnote sections of this text, so it is probably worth explaining again … the above pages of Perl code generate a 3d file in the .dae file format, which, when loaded into a 3d rendering application, manifests as a line of random points where one dimension is always increasing, aka a ”bent line”. I have chosen to generate this 3d file in .dae format because it is the only language I could get Google Sketchup – the 3d program I use – to both export and import, thus allowing me to reverse engineer the .dae file format.

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