Indentured to the past, we drag our inherited identities through a forest of networks bursting with mysterious intellectual fruit. We’re not sure which concepts are poisonous and which are safe. History is like a mistranslated phrasebook full of old-fashioned illustrations which everyone makes fun of on the internet. Attempts at organization feel fanciful and absurd: eclectic inventories of apocalypse-kitsch. In “A Palace of Unsaids,” Rob Goyanes considers the work of mourning under twenty-first century conditions. Does it matter if we show up to the wrong shift at the memorial-factory as long as we do our time?…


Armed Response: Translation as Judicial Hearing
Emily Apter

Trump’s America: Playing the Victim
Boris Groys

We, Indigenous Women
Houria Bouteldja

A Palace of Unsaids
Rob Goyanes

Ultra-Black: Towards a Materialist Theory of Oil
Oxana Timofeeva

Chorus Anonymous: Voices from Documenta 14
Claire Fontaine

What We Are Fighting For
Rijin Sahakian

Truth Is in the Tower
Francesca Hughes

We Have Never Been Post-Industrial
Jacob Stewart-Halevy

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