The idea of making use of spaces, transforming existing ones, creating new ones, making a living and a change, very much carries through the following pages. The importance to have, maintain, and organise places, frameworks, and opportunities that allow a continuity to negotiate and fight over common grounds. Making spaces vibratory. To imagine a restaurant or a nightclub in Manchester or London in the 1930s as a business proposition but at the same time as a safe space in which to conspire to liberate Africa; to imagine a restaurant as an art gallery—while working as a waitress—and proceeding to turn it into one; or to imagine a roving workshop that voyages across the continent revolutionizing art education—as well as a mothership in Lagos. “Think fast, don’t waste my time,” was one of our favorite command lines we learned from Bisi while driving through her Lagos just a year ago — the line wasn’t actually a command, but a way of making fun. Bisi traveled in a different time zone, she dreamt of comraderies among the stars, accelerated towards a beyond, and has now abandoned her old vehicle — the aeroplanes may be too slow, sometimes.

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