In echo of their respective programs, Kadist Art Foundation and Bétonsalon – Centre for Art and Research are launching the joint publication Qalqalah, a “reader” gathering contributions from artists and researchers on a variety of interlinked issues. The name Qalqalah is taken from a text by Cairo-based curator Sarah Rifky. In the text, the eponymous heroine, living in the near future, gradually loses her memory in a world where notions of language, art and economy have quietly collapsed. In this world of reconstituted, fluid knowledge, which inspires a mixture of hope and fear, the meaning of the Arabic name Qalqalah — “a movement of language, a phonetic vibration, a rebound or echo”—suggests one way of moving forward. Conceived as an online, bilingual (French/English) publication, Qalqalah will provide an outlet for international voices that are not always heard in France, and vice versa. Qalqalah will develop over time to form a space for interactions, overlaps, digressions and interpretations, for the deepening of lines of research, the sharing of resources, and the development of critical thought decentered from Western points of reference.

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