The podcast Promise No Promises! unfolds a further chapter: The Tale and The Tongue. This series of new episodes arises from conversations between curator and writer Sonia Fernández Pan and guests from different storytelling practices and world-making experiences. For a conversation to take place it is sufficient when two people to start talking to each other. However, conversations are never happening just between two people. A conversation holds many bodies, places, stories and experiences. It develops languages and creates interpersonal and temporary dialects. Sharing is also a way of collectivizing seemingly individual circumstances. Our bodies host many narratives, speaking borrowed words and making stories an important part of who we become. Stories travel between bodies, dwelling in them. Always in motion, they have no end. Words make worlds in which reality and its fictions travel through the tongue to become tales.

The first episode Shelter in sounds follows a conversation with musician and artist Sarah Badr that took place in mid-February 2021. As a composer, she produces music under the name FRKTL, her experimental solo project active since 2011. Throughout her life Sarah Badr has lived in different cities and has been exposed to different cultural contexts. Music, like smells or tastes, is a time machine. It reactivates the past, but it also awakens possible futures. Composing music for imaginary worlds that only exist in the digital world, as with the Matryoshka Club within Minecraft, is something that ties in with Sarah’s long-standing passion for film soundtracks and music videos. Perhaps it is time to start thinking about music beyond the club and the stage.

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