This SDUK broadsheet is the first to follow The Work of Wind: Air, Land, Sea, a ten-day contemporary art festival engaging with climate change, environmental crisis, and resilience which took place in Mississauga’s Southdown Industrial Area in September 2018. Taking BEARING as its theme, this issue turns our attention to alienation, affect, anxiety, and questions of responsibility and resilience. For curious readers of all persuasions—those new to the project and those who have been following its year-long unfurling—here are some places to begin:

If you are wondering how can we enact responsibility to humans and nonhumans in bleak political and ecological times, contributions by Alexis Shotwell and Joy Xiang provide productive starting points. Investigating kinship systems and relations that oppose regimes of whiteness, Shotwell’s essay (p. 8) highlights the urgency of anti-racist work in both environmental and social contexts, while Xiang (p. 21) explores how we might reevaluate pollution by better understanding the web of human relations that support its dispersal.

Those with an interest in economics may be wondering how fossil fuels structure our relationships to finance, media, and biodiversity. D.T. Cochrane’s recurring column examines the concept of “growth” by exploring what is left unaccounted for (p. 20), while an essay by Jeff Diamanti highlights how media shape our blindness to ongoing fossil-fuel reliance (p. 16), and an artist project by Marina Roy (p. 4) urges a reconsideration of the earth’s carrying capacity…

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