Droste Effect Bulletins

Series Editor Vincenzo Estremo
Graphic Design Dania Rotatori
Project Manager Matilde Soligno
Consulting Curators Eleonora Castagna, Manu Buttiglione

A new project by Droste Effect magazine, Bulletin is a monthly online publication dedicated to curated non-academic art papers.

Bulletin aims to explore the diverse ways in which the complexities of being in contemporary art are expressed. It is fundamental for us to investigate the cultures around the contemporary art world, and to understand what constructs our present. Through non-academic writings from a number of disciplines in the humanities, together with contributions by artists, filmmakers, poets, and theoreticians, Bulletin aims to map the dynamic ways in which cultures use visual means to record, redefine and question once again the historical context and presence in time of different artistic productions.

After a process of editorial curatorship, a selection of the online Bulletins will be published on paper.

Series Titles

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