This month in e-flux journal, we are pleased to present a special issue focusing on Moscow Conceptualism, guest-edited by Boris Groys in conjunction with an exhibition of the work of Andrei Monastyrski and Collective Actions, curated by Groys and on view at e-flux until January 6, 2012.

The essays in the issue take the works and activities of the Moscow Conceptualists—among whom Monastyrski was a central figure—as a departure point for interrogating not only the specific concerns of a small group of advanced artists working in relative obscurity in the Soviet Union of the 1970s, but also how the modest artistic practices they developed reflect the resilience and flexibility of a more general sphere of conceptualisms in the plural…

Julieta Aranda, Brian Kuan Wood, Anton Vidokle

Introduction—Global Conceptualism Revisited
Boris Groys

Performing Objects, Narrating Installations: Moscow Conceptualism and the Rediscovery of the Art Object
Ekaterina Degot

One and Three Ideas: Conceptualism Before, During, and After Conceptual Art
Terry Smith

Soviet Material Culture and Socialist Ethics in Moscow Conceptualism
Keti Chukhrov

Art without Work?
Anton Vidokle

Moscow Romantic Exceptionalism: The Suspension of Disbelief
Sarah Wilson

Zones of Indistinguishability: Collective Actions Group and Participatory Art
Claire Bishop

Moscow, Romantic, Conceptualism, and After
Jörg Heiser

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