The choice of cover image for this issue of e-flux journal came down to two photos: a decrepit military airplane lingering in a remote gray field, evoking long forgotten battles of a distant war; and a picture of a DIY christmas tree, cheerfully constructed from a stack of worn car tires and painted lime green. The airplane was the more haunting of the two images, yet with all that is happening around us, we wanted to resist the sublime spectacle of decimation and consider some modest proposals about how affect, art, humor, and practical resourcefulness can provide solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems and non-problems…


The Coming Global Civil War: Is There Any Way Out?
Franco “Bifo” Berardi

The Anamorphic Politics of Climate Change
Jodi Dean

Walid Raad’s Spectral Archive, Part One: Historiography as Process
Alan Gilbert

El Proceso (The Process)
Benjamin H. Bratton

What Is Philosophy? Part Two: Programs and Realizabilities
Reza Negarestani

Neither Autocracy nor Automatism: Notes on Autonomy and the Aesthetic
Sven Lütticken

Geopolitics and Contemporary Art, Part One: From Representation’s Ruin to Salvaging the Real
Irmgard Emmelhainz

Jonas Staal

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