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Paper News #7

Paper News is the quarterly newsletter by Drucken Heften Laden with articles on bookstores and spaces, exhibitions, information on new releases and insights into the independent publishing scene with a focus on Berlin.

The Long 1960s and the 'Wind from the West'

Contributor Kristin Ross
Contemporary land-based struggles such as the zad at NotreDame-des-Landes and the NoTAV movement in Italy make prolonged battles such as the Larzac in France and Sanrizuka in Japan emerge as the defining conflicts of the worldwide long 1960s. Nantes plutôt que Nanterre.

Full Metal Yellow Jacket

Contributor Alèssi Dell’Umbria
An unknown but familiar territory has begun to take on a political existence. The yellow vests have situated themselves in a peripheral space made up of non-places: roundabouts, motorway tolls, shopping center parking lots – the same circulatory axes along which the atomized functions to which neo-urbanites are consigned are organized and distributed. This daily environment of millions of people stuck in early morning and late afternoon traffic jams seemed to have neutralized any possibility of an event. Statistics suggest that half of the French population lives in this periphery. All of these people had been desperately invisible…in order to ...

Anarcho-Surrealism in Chicago

This zine explores anarcho-surrealist imagination in midcentury and current-day USA, with particular emphasis on the Chicagoland scene.

The Ultimate Dilemma: An Interview with Ben Morea

Contributor Ben Morea
A 2016 interview with Ben Morea, revolutionary animist and founding member of the 1960′s anarchist street gang, Up Against the Wall, Motherfucker!

Insurrectional Anarchism

In 2005, the Swedish review Dissident released its second issue, which was devoted to insurrectional anarchist-communist perspectives. Soon after, the journal disbanded and went out of print, relegating this collection to the obscure reaches of the internet. We hope this zine will allow these ideas to reach a wider audience, enriching our understanding of the internal critique and development of revolutionary methods in the late 20th century, and allowing them to assume a new life in our struggles today.

Living With Guerilla Warfare

Contributor Lucio Castellano
Lucio Castellano, a member of Metropoli, was arrested in June 1979 and charged with armed insurrection against the state, forming an armed band and subversive association. It’s a difficult task to make sense of some of the singular texts which were produced by the Italian movement during the late 70s known as Autonomia since their experience of being a high point of revolutionary struggle in the west seems so far away, but their horizons and their struggles in many ways remain close to ours, and the laboratory of subversion as well as repression can provide many invaluable lessons for contemporary ...

Designing the Computational Image, Imagining Computational Design

Designing the Computational Image, Imagining Computational Design is an exhibition showcasing rare photographs, film, high-quality reproductions, and interactive software reconstructions examining the formative period of numerical control and Computer-Aided Design technologies, along with a selection of experimental work by computational designers working today.

Oslo Architecture Triennale Designs

Design suite materials from the 2019 Oslo Architecture Triennale


Contributor antipodes café
RESHOW is an empirical comment on a very specific topic: Waste from exhibitions.

Collection: Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019

Protected: A Library for Degrowth

For the last two centuries, the engine of architectural production and the basis of societies around the world has been the pursuit of economic growth. The desire for infinite growth has forced aside common and ecological goals measuring acts of culture and community as mere bumps in GDP. Yet the limits to this paradigm have become abundantly clear. As equity, wellbeing and non-monetary measures of prosperity falter, rising sea temperatures, extreme weather and other indicators of climate breakdown converge on the conclusion that the days of growth’s predominance are running out. Architecture is no exception.

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