Suprahuman is the product of a collaboration between William Wiebe and Dr. John Santerre, a computer scientist working on the development of scalable machine learning techniques for use on cancer and antimicrobial resistance.

In the book, Wiebe and Santerre bring aerial surveillance into conversation with research imagery integral to the evolution of cutting-edge deep neural networks, a juxtaposition that recognizes the persistent links between military power and scientific advancement. This relationship is especially relevant to the funding and development of artificial intelligence, which has largely been underwritten by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Our work explores the possibilities of a concealment sited in the unresolvable space opened between the logics of human and computer vision. The book’s text explores natural ambiguities within language as technologies for misleading artificially intelligent natural language processors, and it is written in a font unreadable by optical character recognition.

A companion augmented reality app is available for iOS at

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