The critique of bureaucracy slithers like a sewer—hidden, warm, and necessary—beneath the aging towers of the twentieth-century intellectual metropolis. Arising first as one answer to The Question—namely, what happened in the USSR?—bureaucracy eventually came to replace the bourgeoisie as the preferred explanation for why everything was the way it was. To this day, pseudonyms for bureaucracy remain highly fashionable pieces of conceptual hyperbole. Any characterization of instituted sociality as uniform unfreedom—the spectacle, the body without organs, libidinal economics, Empire, Bloom—has its origins in the bureaucratic obsession with control, as distinct from the bourgeois obsession with ownership…


Art, Technology, and Humanism
Boris Groys

The Great Accelerator
Oleksiy Radynski

The Poetry of Feedback
Jasper Bernes

The Genesis of Technicity
Gilbert Simondon

Tracing Avant-Garde Museology
Arseny Zhilyaev

On Ketamine and Added Value
Dena Yago

Fog or Smoke? Colonial Blindness and the Closure of Representation
Irmgard Emmelhainz

ART+ART: The Avant-Garde in the Streets
Hamed Yousefi

Cosmic Catwalk and the Production of Time
Anton Vidokle and Hito Steyerl

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